Public Safety
Downtown Public Safety Guide Program

In 2011, the Downtown District developed the Downtown Public Safety Guide Program to ensure that residents, workers and visitors to Downtown Houston feel confident in their personal safety and have a positive Downtown experience.

Focusing on hospitality and safety solutions, the Downtown Public Safety Guides (DPSG) provide a friendly and visible presence and serve as the eyes and ears of Downtown. The DPSGs strive to offer a professional relationship with all local law enforcement and social service agencies, business and property owners, private building security companies and City entities. All Downtown Public Safety Guides receive special training in first aid, safety procedures, conflict management and customer relations.

The Guides patrol Downtown daily, focusing on the busiest pedestrian areas and offering extra support for special events. Through high visibility and consistent coverage, they provide friendly hospitality by serving residents, works and visitors of Downtown by providing directions and assistance. DPSGs also offer additional support for the various conventions and special events in the district. In addition to these levels of support, the guides patrol all five “zones” within Downtown, discourage problematic street behavior, know all the relevant outreach services available to the homeless community and notify appropriate local authorities of behaviors that may interrupt the public enjoyment of Downtown.

Feel free to approach any of the Downtown Public Safety Guides for assistance, information or directions.

DPSG hours of operation (may vary): Daily: 7 AM to 11 PM

For immediate assistance and emergencies, call 911 or the Houston Police Department Special Operations at 832-394-0000.  For questions about the program or to make a report, please call 713-819-7441 during regular business hours Monday through Friday, or email

Off-Duty HPD

The Downtown District funds and manages a select group of Law Enforcement officers from various jurisdictions to provide additional presence in specific areas of Downtown. These highly motivated officers are customer service oriented and focused on neighborhood policing. They develop lasting relationships with the community they patrol on foot and are continually working to alleviate the challenges and negative impacts associated with civility issues.

Seal Team

To address civility and safety issues, The Downtown District coordinates security efforts by contracting with SEAL Security to provide another layer of support, specifically on late nights and weekends.

SEAL Team hours:
Monday - Friday: 11 AM to 3AM
Saturday - Sunday: 11AM to 3PM, 7PM to 3AM
Dispatch: 713-481-4481