The Operations team works to ensure that Downtown is one of the cleanest and safest neighborhoods in the city. Together, Operations and the Houston Police Department work to ensure public safety, while also addressing homelessness. The District provides the cleaning and care of Downtown’s sidewalks and streetscapes, removing over 2,000 tons of litter in 2019, and addresses the improvement of Downtown's quality of place by collaborating in the creation of a number of ordinances and regulations. 

  • The District collaborates in the creation of a number of ordinances and regulations addressing the improvement of Downtown’s quality of place.
  • The District collaborates in significant changes related to coordinated housing and services for the homeless with a 54% reduction in homeless from 2011 to 2020 based on the annual Point in Time count.
Street Team

The street team works toward the District goal of making Downtown Houston a desirable place to live, work and visit. This highly visible crew provides daily services to maintain the security and cleanliness of the district. Some of their contributions include:

  • Keeping approximately 800 block-face sidewalks (200 city blocks) plus planter beds, tree-wells and pavers continually free from rubbish, trash, food particles, debris, stains, grime and weeds.
  • Removing graffiti inside the District within four (4) business hours after notification throughout the District.
  • Keeping amenities and outdoor furniture i.e. trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, drinking fountains etc. free from soils, stains, trash, graffiti etc. and ensuring all hardware is tight and all components are present and usable.
  • Watering areas that are currently non-irrigated by utilizing the District’s watering trailer and pick-up.
  • Keeping six (6) District sponsored Port-a-cans clean and free from soiling and debris.
Elevated Levels of Service

Throughout the District, there are specific areas that require increased efforts to maintain a pristine level of cleanliness, a high level of operational reliability and a demonstrated commitment to providing programmatic support. Park and plaza attendants are responsible for reporting any deficiencies or defects via the work order system.

The District provides extra care to:

  • Market Square Park
  • Main Street Square (Dallas to Walker)
  • Main Street/Dallas Street 
Other Responsibilities
  • Emergency Response support
  • In the case of activation for the Downtown Emergency Coordination Center, our contracted janitorial company will be required to have a team on standby ready to assist. This standby unit should include the on–site Operations Manager, along with eight (8) other essential personnel that are able to report Downtown with the expressed expectation to assist in emergency situations.
  • All other response and recovery actions are to be completed under the direction of the Downtown Emergency Coordination Center.  Therefore, it may be necessary for essential or standby personnel to report for duty at the DECC located at 1119 Milam and all such employees listed should be prepared for duty ahead of time.
  • Report graffiti, unsafe conditions or damaged amenities
  • Utilize an established work order system for tracking work and regular reporting to the District.
  • Maintain best safety practices for Street Team and pedestrians according to work in progress. Supply and use temporary barriers or cones when necessary.
  • Avoid materials or methods that could damage or deteriorate exterior surfaces. In the event that any damage occurs, assume liability and correct such damage within 24 hours, and notify the District of the incident.
  • Comply with City of Houston Municipal Code and best practices for environmental sustainability, for garbage disposal and recycling; use of cleaning products and methods and use of pesticides and herbicides.
Trash Removal
  • Service 140 METRO trash receptacles
  • Service 175 City of Houston trash receptacles