Job Opportunities

Since beginning its revitalization efforts in 1995, the Downtown District has facilitated many of the public and private projects that have transformed Downtown over the last twenty years. To accelerate the renewal of the city's urban core, the District established several goals with quality of life as the underlying theme: building a lasting constituency for Downtown; recruiting investors, retailers and tenants while retaining those already Downtown; making Downtown clean, safe and attractive; and promoting Downtown as the place to live, work and play.

Director of Finance

Seeking a qualified professional to lead the finance, accounting, and business planning functions as a key member of the organization’s leadership team for the four entities managed.  The best candidate for this position would be an individual that is comfortable getting into the details necessary to prepare financial statements but at the same time can see the big picture and provide forecasting and business analysis to help the management team make sound financial decisions.  This position reports to the Chief Operating Officer and has two direct reports. [job description]