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The Downtown District has facilitated many of the public and private projects that have transformed downtown over the last decade. The District began its revitalization efforts in 1995. To accelerate the renewal of the city's urban core, the District set several important goals with quality of life as the underlying theme: building a lasting constituency for downtown; recruiting investors, retailers and tenants while retaining those already downtown; making downtown clean, safe and attractive; and promoting downtown as the place to live, work and play

Available Positions

  • Programming Manager
    The Downtown District is searching for someone who is organized, creative, loves variety and craves job satisfaction.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people enjoying themselves and connecting and sharing an experience. Knowing you made it happen, makes all the hard work worth it.
    The Downtown District aims to enhance Downtown public spaces by creating thoughtful and innovative programming that enlivens unique areas throughout Downtown Houston, specifically on nights and weekends. The Programming Manager will be tasked with building upon our current efforts and initiating and implementing additional programs that enliven Downtown and create a mixture of environments where people live, work, and enjoy the urban lifestyle with an interesting, exciting and inspiring range of activities and experiences.  

    Job Description [pdf]

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Inquiries and resumes can be forwarded to Jackie Traywick