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The Downtown District has facilitated many of the public and private projects that have transformed downtown over the last decade. The District began its revitalization efforts in 1995. To accelerate the renewal of the city's urban core, the District set several important goals with quality of life as the underlying theme: building a lasting constituency for downtown; recruiting investors, retailers and tenants while retaining those already downtown; making downtown clean, safe and attractive; and promoting downtown as the place to live, work and play

Available Positions

  • Marketing Manager

    The Marketing Department’s overarching goal is to position Downtown as a place with BIG personality that embraces everything people love about Houston.  The focus is to provide great info on what to do, where to go and how to get there; build the size of the audience that interacts with Downtown; and increase awareness of Downtown through communications, marketing and programming. Reporting to the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Manager will be responsible for original content strategy and execute social and digital media plans with the goal to raise awareness of Downtown by sharing our stories and engaging with our audience. The position will also assist and manage a variety of other marketing and communication projects that support the Downtown District’s efforts.  Job Description [pdf]

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Inquiries and resumes can be forwarded to Jackie Traywick